List Mgmt. Aidan Corr to North?

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Jul 1, 2014
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North Melbourne
Can you explain what you mean?
Similar to Maj, he reinvented himself as a defender before getting delisted by Brisbane. He is a better defender than forward, but he really had the job of breaking the packs and splitting the contest or taking marks.

In terms of forwards, you don't want him there.
You want someone who is developing into the kpf or converting. Josh has a small role during a turbulent season. I hope he doesn't go forward.


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Apr 9, 2008
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For those wondering why Corr has only played 98 games in 8 years, the following bio is from the Giants website and explains why. The good thing about the injuries he's had is no knee.

Born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Aidan Corr was recruited by the GIANTS with pick 14 in the 2012 NAB AFL Draft. He is a tall defender who is extremely competitive by nature and spoils aggressively. Corr has good speed and agility for his 194cm frame and uses the ball well by foot. Corr made his debut in round 6, 2013. Injury has plagued the defender since his debut with shoulder, ankle and hand injuries restricting him to 36 games in his first four season at the club. 2017 was a breakout year for the defender and he has since become one of the pillars of the GIANTS' backline.

I suspect the reason why GWS cracked the sads over his intent to leave is because they lost a key element of their defence to a club like "us". I also suspect that Corr doesn't give a flying fu** now after all the hullabaloo emanating from one of the AFL' s traditional clubs in GWS.

I hope he does come, I really rate him.

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Oct 22, 2014
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The only player type you could possibly mount a case for us being flush with are mid-sized marking forwards and even then there are caveats - Zurhaar hasn't gone on with his 2018-19 development, Taylor and Thomas have about 35 games between them and Bailey is destined for wider spaces upfield.

Basically we need talent and depth everywhere. Our weakest age demographic is in the 23-27yo region thanks to the largely failed 2011/12/14/15 drafts.

If we do sign Corr he's a 195cm 26yo defender. Tick and tick. With the bonus of recent grand final experience.

I haven't seen a huge amount of him but what I have seen suggests he's a mobile versatile player, more Scott Thompson than Josh Walker. I'll take that thanks.

Best case, we get him, he thrives and his nearest list rivals in Hayden, Perez, EVW et al and any of the Pittard, MacMillan, M.Williams etc group who remain all front up fit and in form in 2021 and we have to shuffle a few pieces around. Nice problem to have.

I'm on board with this move if it happens.
The 2014 draft is the one that kills me. McClean, Blakely, Miller, McDonald and Saad in the preseason and I reckon if Luff was in charge at the time we would have taken Daniels with our first pick

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