Racing All Star Mile 2020


Norm Smith Medallist
May 25, 2012
AFL Club
With the voting only a few weeks away thought i may aswell get a thread started who everyone will be voting for.

The nominations current to December 20th

I think it will either be Melody Belle or Kolding for me... but Kolding isn’t nominated as yet.

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Brownlow Medallist
Jan 30, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Still believe each person voting should vote for their ideal field (with 1 being selected as their horse of choice)
This will lessen the impact of the “donkey votes” on the final tally
Strongly against this, I like the bit where horses can be promoted. You want a balance where Urban Ruler can't get in but an inferior horse with good story etc can. It would always be good to see NZ best 2 get in and then QLD, SA, WA get their best horse in, if everyone votes for 16 horses it takes that away. The answer is definitely not voting for a full 16. Also the "half-interested" people are not going to sit through voting for 16 horses because their mates mate horse is a chance. IMO just remove the voting completely if you want the perfect field. It's not suppose to be a WFA classic mile , there has to be that crowd participation/interaction where a vote can actually change something.

It needs tweaking but the core concept has to stay.

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