All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Release

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Oct 8, 2010
long ago in the museum with his friends
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The Pope may have owned 51% of General Motors in the song Awaiting for You All but fast forward 51 years later a remix of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass album as well as some nice demos and session outtakes have now been released in CD, CD/BR and Vinyl configurations to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of arguably the greatest solo Beatle album.

With my 8LP set on its way I have been listening via Spotify and have got to say that I have been enjoying the remixes (Paul Wicks along with Dhani) which have reduced much of the cavernous reverb on some of the more bombastic original Spector treatments, has brought out Harrison’s vocals and has brought out various flourishes and sounds and and clearer harmony vocals that had been buried deep in the original mix. Whilst I have no issues with the original 1970 recording, the new remixes are an amazing experience if you enjoy this album. The overlooked Apple Jam featuring Harrison, Clapton and the Dominoes simply rocks.

I Look forward to hearing anyone’s take on this release.


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Jan 7, 2018
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I love this album, I enjoy Spectors production style but if you think it sounds better than I will have to check it out.

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