All-time Big Nose best 22

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Dec 6, 2005
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Western Bulldogs
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Footscray, Coney Island Warriors
You know what they say, Big Nose = big... ah, hanky.

Anyway given this is the sixth most intelligent board on BigFooty, we should put our minds together and come up with the big-nose best 22.

We simply have to start with two all-time big nosed legends - Bontempelli, and Danny 'the Shnoz' Del Re.
The team just wouldn't be complete without John Gastev.
Matthew Pavlich and Dean Cox are no-brainers.

Who else makes the cut?

B: John Gastev, Michael Firrito, Wayne Weidermann
HB: Clint Bizzell, Jade Rawlings, Dom Cassisi
C: Brady Rawlings, Russell Ebert, Phil Matera
HF: Brett Burton, Matthew Pavlich, John Klug
F: Sam Weideman, Danny Del Re, Luke O'Sullivan
Foll: Dean Cox, Marcus Bontempelli, Dyson Heppell
Int: Daniel Gorringe, Jake Aarts,
Coach: Dennis Cometti
Umpire: Scott McLaren

President: John Elliot
Commentator: Basil Zemplas
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Team Captain
Dec 16, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
Clint Bizzell.
Nathan Buckley - whilst the posts above have him covered on pure length (or metres gained), I reckon he qualifies on bulbous

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