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Sep 17, 2006
Southern Stand Punt Road End
AFL Club
Other Teams
Furies Premiers 2010
Round 1
1. Wacky Tiger - Dustin Martin
2. richoatthedisco - Royce Hart
3. Tiger_Of_Old - Kevin Bartlett
4. Barunga Bullet - Matthew Richardson
5. richard parker - Trent Cotchin
6. peterbuch74 - Dale Weightman
7. _RT_ - Jack Dyer
8. Phar Ace - Jack Titus
9. tiger_tough - Jack Riewoldt

Round 2

10. tiger_tough - Alex Rance
11. Phar Ace - Maurice Rioli
12. _RT_ - Francis Bourke
13. peterbuch74 - Michael Roach
14. richard parker - Shane Edwards
15. Barunga Bullet - Ian Stewart
16. Tiger_Of_Old - Nathan Brown
17. richoatthedisco - Bill Barrot
18. Wacky Tiger - Dylan Grimes

Round 3
19. Wacky Tiger - Roy Wright
20. richoatthedisco - Vic Thorp
21. Tiger Of Old - Matthew Knights
22. Barunga Bullet - Dick Clay
23. Richard Parker - Wayne Campbell
24. Peter Buch 74 - Darren Gaspar
25. RT - Dick Harris
26. Phar Ace - Michael Green
27. Tiger Tough - Geoff Raines

Round 4
28. Tiger Tough - Kevin Sheedy
29. Phar Ace - Roger Dean
30. RT - Ron Branton
31. Peter Buch 74 - Nick Vlastuin
32. Richard Parker - Brett Deledio
33. Barunga Bullet - Jim Jess
34. Tiger Of Old - Mark Lee
35. richoatthedisco - Bryan Wood
36. Wacky Tiger - Neil Balme

Round 5
37. Wacky Tiger - Barry Richardson
38. richoatthedisco - Robert Wiley
39. Tiger Of Old - Noah Balta
40. Barunga Bullet - Joel Bowden
41. Richard Parker - Jeff Hogg
42. Peter Buch 74 - Chris Newman
43. RT - Mervyn Keane
44. Phar Ace - Fred Swift
45. Tiger Tough - David Cloke

Round 6
46. Tiger Tough - Barry Rowlings
47. Phar Ace - Tony Free
48. RT - Bill Morris
49. Peter Buch 74 - Brendon Gale
50. Richard Parker - Scott Turner
51. Barunga Bullet - Tom Lynch
52. Tiger Of Old - Paul Broderick
53. richoatthedisco - Bachar Houli
54. Wacky Tiger - Gordon Strang

Round 7
55. Wacky Tiger - Doug Strang
56. richoatthedisco - Dion Prestia
57. Tiger Of Old - Michael Perry
58. Barunga Bullet - Michael Malthouse
59. Richard Parker - Toby Nankervis
60. Peter Buch 74 - Ivan Maric
61. RT - Brad Ottens
62. Phar Ace - David Astbury
63. Tiger Tough - Shane Tuck

Round 8
64. Tiger Tough - Andrew Kellaway
65. Phar Ace - Paddy Guinane
66. RT - Brian Taylor
67. Peter Buch 74 - Kane Lambert
68. Richard Parker - Neville Crowe
69. Barunga Bullet - Nathan Foley
70. Tiger Of Old - Shai Bolton
71. richoatthedisco - Ray Poulter
72. Wacky Tiger - Kane Johnson

Round 9
73. Wacky Tiger - Craig Lambert
74. richoatthedisco - Perce Bentley
75. Tiger Of Old - Ben Cousins
76. Barunga Bullet - Ben Holland
77. Richard Parker - Basil McCormack
78. Peter Buch 74 - Michael Mitchell
79. RT - Mark Coughlan
80. Phar Ace - Des Rowe
81. Tiger Tough - Bruce Monteath

Round 10
82. Tiger Tough - Mike Patterson
83. Phar Ace - Stuey Maxfield
84. RT - Robbie 'Bones' McGhie
85. Peter Buch 74 - John Northey
86. Richard Parker - Michael Pickering
87. Barunga Bullet - Nick Daffy
88. Tiger Of Old - Greg Strachan
89. richoatthedisco - Stan Judkins
90. Wacky Tiger - Jayden Short

Round 11
91. Wacky Tiger - Rex Hunt
92. richoatthedisco - Mopsy Fraser Jr
93. Tiger Of Old - Max Oppy
94. Barunga Bullet - Kevin Morris
95. Richard Parker
96. Peter Buch 74
97. RT
98. Phar Ace
99. Tiger Tough

Round 12
100. Tiger Tough
101. Phar Ace
102. RT
103. Peter Buch 74
104. Richard Parker
105. Barunga Bullet
106. Tiger Of Old
107. richoatthedisco
108. Wacky Tiger

Round 13
109. Wacky Tiger
110. richoatthedisco
111. Tiger Of Old
112. Barunga Bullet
113. Richard Parker
114. Peter Buch 74
115. RT
116. Phar Ace
117. Tiger Tough

Round 14
118. Tiger Tough
119. Phar Ace
120. RT
121. Peter Buch 74
122. Richard Parker
123. Barunga Bullet
124. Tiger Of Old
125. richoatthedisco
126. Wacky Tiger
Pick 95

richard parker

Team Captain
Feb 11, 2016
Pacific Ocean
AFL Club
Pick 95 - Billy Brown


"Exhilaratingly pacy, ultra courageous, and chock-full of trademark 'eat 'em alive' bellicosity that belied his diminutive stature, Billy Brown was a tremendous favourite among Richmond supporters throughout his nine season, 130-game VFL career." - Australian Football online

Played alongside KB in the midfield in a very successful era including in the 1967 and 1969 premierships. Has the attributes to play on the wing and rotate through the midfield.

Richard Parker's Team
B: ?? Scott Turner ??
HB: ?? ?? ??
C: Billy Brown Trent Cotchin ??
HF: ?? Michael Pickering Brett Deledio
F: ?? Jeff Hogg ??
Fol: Toby Nankervis Wayne Campbell Shane Edwards
IC: N.Crowe ?? ?? ??

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Pick 96


Premium Gold
Oct 10, 2007
Punt Rd Oval, Tigerland
AFL Club
Other Teams
Denver Broncos, Liverpool
With pick 96, the PB74's select Leon Cameron... One of the best players to kick off both sides of his body, and he was deadly accurate when he got forward of the centreline.


PB74's team
B: L.Cameron D.Gaspar N.Vlastuin
HB: C.Newman xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
C: xxxxxxxxx M.Mitchell xxxxxxxx
HF: J.Northey B.Gale K.Lambert
F: xxxxxxxxx M.Roach xxxxxxxx
FOL: I.Maric xxxxxxxx D.Weightman
IC: xx xx xx xx

_RT_ you're up

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pick 98

Phar Ace

Premium Platinum
Feb 9, 2017
Sunshine Coast
AFL Club
Other Teams
Brisbane Bullets, Firebirds
Pick 98 - Ricky McLean

Ricky McLean was regarded as one of the toughest players ever to pull on the famous Yellow and Black guernsey. That reputation for ruggedness, however, overshadowed the fact that McLean could seriously play the game . . . The powerfully-built 185cm, 92kg full-forward joined Richmond at the end of 1971, after being cleared by Carlton, where he’d managed only 19 games in half a dozen years.

Southby of Carlton once said to a big audience after discussing that GF hit Balme made on him, that there was a second Richmond opponent who “made Balme look like a pussycat” and if he had to choose between them, he would rather play on Balme any day.
He was referring to Ricky McLean, who was a team-mate at Carlton before moving to the Tigers in 1972. Immediately he got there, he lined up on Southby in a practice match. “I outpaced him and then a big left hand came out and got me right on the nose. I couldn’t breathe out of my left nostril for a number of years. That was the legacy of Ricky McLean,” Southby said. “Balme had white line fever on the ground but McLean had it on and off the ground. I was s**t scared of him when he was playing for Carlton, let alone when he was playing for Richmond.”

Starved of opportunity during his playing career with the Blues, McLean was hell-bent on making up for lost time at Tigerland. He booted four goals in an impressive first-up display for Richmond in the opening round of the 1972 season against Collingwood, with the Tigers winning a thrilling contest by four points.

That season, McLean finished with a career-high 55 goals, sharing Richmond’s leading goalkicker award with kindred spirit, Neil Balme, with whom he formed a formidable combination, deep in the Tigers’ forward line. The dynamic duo, “affectionately” known as “Biff” and “Bam”, struck fear into the hearts and minds of opposition backlines during the early 1970s.

In the ’72 season, McLean scored multiple goals in a match, with a career-best return of eight, against St Kilda at the MCG in Round 17.

Clearly, the two best sides that year were Richmond and McLean’s old mob, Carlton. They met in the second semi-final out at Waverley and slugged out a low-scoring draw.

McLean kicked five goals against the Blues in the second-semi replay the following week at the MCG, as the Tigers recorded a comfortable victory and became raging hot flag favorites.

Unfortunately, two weeks later, McLean injured his hamstring early in the ’72 premiership-decider against Carlton, and he spent the entire second half on the bench, watching the Blues pile on a record Grand Final score in a major upset.

McLean started the following season strongly, kicking 21 goals in his first six matches. But he then missed a fair chunk of the year, mainly due to injuries, and was not a member of the Tiger team that gained sweet revenge over Carlton in the 1973 Grand Final.

Still, his 32-goal return for the season placed him equal second on the Club’s goalkicking list for that ’73 premiership year.

McLean left Richmond during the 1974 season to play for Tasmanian club Burnie, but returned to Tigerland in 1976, for three more senior appearances that year, before retiring from league football.

He’d averaged more than two and a half goals per game during his time with the Tigers, and had provided the team with a very strong, aggressive focal point in attack.

Ricky McLean profile
Born: 8/11/1947
Height: 185cm
Playing weight: 92kg
Richmond trade history: Traded to the Tigers by Carlton for a monetary exchange in late 1971
Guernsey number at Richmond: No. 31
Debut at Richmond: Round 1, 1972 v Collingwood, MCG
Games at Richmond (1972-1974 & 1976): 39
Goals at Richmond: 103

B: xxxxxxx F.Swift xxxxxxx
HB: D.Rowe D Astbury xxxxxxx
C: S.Maxfield M Rioli Snr xxxx
HF: xxxxxxx P.Guinane xxxxxxx
F: xxxxxxx R.McLean J.Titus
FOL: M.Green T.Free R.Dean
IC: xx xx xx xx
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Phar Ace

Premium Platinum
Feb 9, 2017
Sunshine Coast
AFL Club
Other Teams
Brisbane Bullets, Firebirds

Your go again tiger_tough

Phar Ace

Premium Platinum
Feb 9, 2017
Sunshine Coast
AFL Club
Other Teams
Brisbane Bullets, Firebirds
My main interest in the rest of this draft is whether Phar Ace learns how to tag before it's done.

It used to happen automatically didn't it once you typed a name? - I assumed I can't because of one of ;) or malwarebytes or what bloody ever....I have working in background now. My Windows95 is doing a very nioce job thank you very much :whistle: :p


Dude, I go for Richmond
Jun 18, 2007
Top of the tree
AFL Club
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Club Legend
Feb 4, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Leeds United
79. RT - Mark Coughlan

Wow. A real slider there, nice pick up RT!
Picks 99 & 100


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 24, 2008
AFL Club
Pick 99 - A bloke I've never heard of but I needed a good wingman and he seems to fit the bill. Wayne Walsh. 88 games across two stints at the club, 2 time premiership player, 2 time reserves premiership player, U19s premiership coach and hall of famer. " A dashing player, who was strong overhead, a good kick, tough, and thrived in the pressure-cooker environment of big-occasion games. "

Pick 100 - Andrew Krakouer. Wanted some class and skill in the forward line and who better than this man. One of my favorites at a time when I really started to get into footy even though we were absolute garbage. Would've loved to see him in a really good side at his peak.


Your turn #phar ace ;)