All Time Melbourne FC Moments


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Oct 18, 2013
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Jako won the reserves goal kicking (the entire league, not just the club) and finished fourth in the Coleman in the same year from memory. Kicked the most goals in a season combining both seniors and reserves in AFL/VFL history I'm pretty sure.

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Aug 29, 2010
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The ones that come to mind straight away in particular order

* Farmer kicking 9 in the second half of the 2000 Queens bday game
* Melbourne coming from 50 odd down v Freo at the G when we were poo around 2009-2011. Wonna kicking a bag
* Lyon kicking 10 in a semi final v Bulldogs in 94
* The merger game v Hawthorn where Neitz kicked 7 or 8 and Dunstall kicked 9 I think. We lost but still an electrifying game
* Neitz missing a mark then coming crashing through and destroying (legitimately) some Bulldogs player. Possibly breaking his collar bone
* Green kicking 4 in the last quarter v Carlton in a final in 2000
* Schwarz putting on a masterclas v Carlton in the 94 finals. That take from the ruck, blind turn and couple of bounces before kicking the goal was magical. Oh what could have been if his kness held up
* Insert several Jackovich games in 92-93. Posibly the 9.8 or something he kicked v North
Now I forgot his name but you're thinking of the hawks player.


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Mar 12, 2012
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Consecutive wooden spoons, blown out Round 1, then that. The The constant promise of breaking through, overcoming the odds, the heartbreak of "...almost", just dangling in front of you like that. It's what makes the disappointment sting so much, and disappointment is a peak Melbourne emotion.

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May 3, 2014
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Fastest 50 goals in afl/vfl history, 7 games I believe. And he only kicked 2 in his first game
It was 9 games & he actually kicked none in his first. The entire team only scored two goals for the match.
If you discount the first three games of his career he kicked 67 from 11 games plus a shitload of behinds in the seniors.
Anyone remember the game when Darren Bennett kicked 7 & Jakovich kicked 8.8?

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