Allianz Stadium (formerly Sydney Football Stadium)

Mar 28, 2018
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The politics was spot on, the policy was unpopular in the SMH echo chamber of safe Labor/Green seats in the inner city and safe Liberal seats on the Lower North Shore.

In marginal seats where the election was going to be decided people were generally ambivalent. In fact, Labor's opposition became a symbol of their decision to cancel a number of infrastructure projects versus the government's message that they were getting on with the job.

The result last Saturday proved it, stadiums didn't change one seat.

I'm surprised Michael Daley didn't make his concession speech outside Allianz such was the amount of time he spent out the front of it. Labor even had a livestream of the stadium on their website such was their deluded obsession.

But people should keep telling us that Kayla Murnain and Bruce Hawker are political
Naah It was wrong.

The problem was it's still too soon to present a labour leader from the NSW right to the people.

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Probably never?

If it were a good business plan the SCG Trust wouldn't need the NSW Government to be the debtor.

Are you a SCG member?
The plan to make a Trust who make an operating surplus of on average $1.5 million per year repay a $644 million loan over 35 years was a complete joke.

The only way they could possibly do that would be by engineering a major increase in operating revenues.

You'd be paying $15 for a beer and $10 for a pie, the idea that taxpayers wouldn't pay a cent was farcical.
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