Alphabet of Origin

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Daniel B

Team Captain
Apr 3, 2011
AFL Club
Best team for each letter (within reason) of the alphabet.

Which letter wins?

I'll start with the letter H:

FB: Hall, Howe, Howard
HB: Hind, Heppell, B.Hill
C: Houston, Hewett, Hunter
HF: Heeney, Harmes, Himmelberg
FF: Hawkins, J.Higgins, Hogan
FOL: Hickey, Horne-Francis, Hately
INT: Hayward, S.Hayes, Hurn, Hunt
SUB: O.Henry

Note: I'm aware Houston is probably out of position, but there were too many defenders to choose from and too few midfielders.
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Premiership Player
Jul 6, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
FB: T. McCartin, May, Maynard
HB: B. McKay, Dar. Moore, J.McGovern
C: McCluggage, Macrae, Merrett
HF: R. Marshall, H. McKay, J. Martin
FF: D. Martin, McDonald, Dyl. Moore
R: McInerney, Miller, Mills
INT: Mundy, T. Mitchell, T. Marshall, P McCartin
SUB: S. Motlop
Coach: S. Mitchell

Melksham in the twos at May's request

Pretty tall team but looks pretty good to me.

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Apr 1, 2002
Cap Coast
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Other Teams
Lions, Suns
I'll do D, being the best initial for a last name.

Davis W.Day Daniel
Doedee Duggan Dale
Dawson Dow Davies-Uniacke
J. Daicos Daniher N. Daicos
Draper Dixon Dahlhaus
Darcy Duncan Dangerfield
Durham, S.Day, Duursma

Forward line very tall. I put Draper in a forward pocket but he and Darcy can share the rucking duties.


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Sep 10, 2003
AFL Club
FB: B Walker Weitering Z Williams
HB: Whitfield Wilkie B Williams (WB)
C: Weller Wines Chad Warner
HF: Wingard T Walker Walters
FF: J Waterman Wright Weightman
R: Witts C Ward Walsh
I: J Walker Webster Worpel Witherden

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