State of Origin Ampol State of Origin 2024

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Apparently Maguire will go Moses if he's fit, even without playing a game.
Did see that. I suppose he is clearly next best available but off zero prep is wild to me.

If munster is gone I don’t know who the 6 for queensland is… probably dearden? Or maybe Walker makes the switch from the 7.
Paul Gallen has put out his preferred NSW side.

1. Teddy, 2. To'o, 3. S.Crichton, 4. Mitchell, 5. Lomax
6. Luai, 7. Hynes, 8. Haas
9. Brailey, 10. J.Trbojevic, 11. Martin
12. Young, 13. Yeo
McInnes, Leniu, Olakau'tu, A.Crichton

... As a maroons fan i hope he gets his wish, that team is a ****ing mess.

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