Andy Maher - Sorry but I don't get it

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Oct 11, 2006
Parts Unknown
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I understand that we aren't going to like every commentator, I can even take the conflict of interest when guys like Eddie commentate.
I can even tolerate ex footballers who don't know how to commentate but get some leniency due to their football career.
Or a boys club based appointment. Or print journos who decide they want to speak as well.

Where the hell does Andy "the walking cliche" Maher fit into the media landscape?

He is like a noxious weed now popping up on the 20 over coverage for Big Bash.
I guess it should give me some hope that anyone can get a job commentating.

I know that there are those out there who would say he works hard,a good guy etc etc but for crying out loud he can't even speak properly - does he talk with his fingers clasped over his nose.

What gives?

Turkey Tom

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Oct 1, 2003
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Probably a great guy and everyone loves him (and that is how he stays in the job), but he is a hopeless commentator/interviewer.

The only bad thing about the 2007 GF DVD/broadcast was his (and his offsider's) interviews after the game. I think for every player he asked the probing question - "How does it feel?". :rolleyes:

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Aug 18, 2006
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Looking for something positive, reckon he handled the hosting of Before the Game well. Allowed the panel conversation to flow by largely taking a back seat only intervening when things were getting out of hand.

Mighty P

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Apr 25, 2010
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Seriously though, does he have to be everywhere?Couldn't believe it when I saw him covering football (soccer) on Fox Sports; then I see him on the golf coverages; I bet he'll be on for the Sochi Olympics too. Andy Maher IS the new Eddie. Only at least Eddie had some charisma about him.

I turned the volume down last night on the BBL cos I couldn't stomach his voice anymore, and it's not really his voice, it was his knowledge of the game; last week in one of the BBL games, there was a nice shot over mid-off and Andy says "oh...that was a nice...shot...over, over...that fielder over there". He didn't even know it was mid-off! You'd like to think he at least got a "crash course" in cricket knowledge before the bloody tournament!

Gone are the days when you actually needed some knowledge about the sport you're commentating. Gone they are.

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