Anne - the aftermath of Hillsborough 1989 - worth a look.

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Mar 1, 2014
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Not strictly football as such but an eye opener none the less...

I can thoroughly recommend the docudrama 'Anne' now showing on BBC First to all sports fans even those who do not follow the round ball code. The programme tells the story of the aftermath of the Hillsborough Disaster of April 15th 1989. In the crush 97 Liverpool fans lost their lives and one woman Anne Williams, whose son Kevin died in the crush, never gave up campaigning for a full and open Judicial Inquiry into the police action on the day. Maxine Peake is brilliant as Anne Williams and if she does not win a BAFTA for her portrayal there is something wrong.

I will not to spoil the story by telling what happens but Anne Williams was a champion who exposed a police cover up. Those who follow English Football will know the story particularly Liverpool fans but is really an eye opener for an Aussie Rules fan like me. I had heard of Hillsborough and knew it was a tragedy but I had no idea about the extent of the cover up and the almost 25 year battle it took to expose it.

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Oct 9, 2006
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Will take a look and thanks for the tip mate.

There’s also a great ESPN Soccer Stories production on the disaster. Well worth watching if you are interested in exploring further.

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