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Nov 11, 2013
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Hello everyone, thank god it is soon to happen. I trust you are all looking forward to what we all hope will be a very defining season for our great club. I must admit I am suffering from a little bit of the good old MFCSS syndrome. We have a very hard draw, and this is what causes me some trepidation. Nevertheless, I am still pumped; we have 2 of the best 5 players in the League, (come at me) so that makes me feel a bit optimistic.

And in line with the principles of this competition we have clearly demonstrated our impeccable knowledge of how the system works by agreeing with the umpires from last year that Gus was the third best player, unfortunately we thought he was only the third best player in our team!

As we all know Gus was invited to our presentation last year, as opposed to that other minor fun show. And you would all clearly remember his speech where he plagiarised Chamberlain by saying: there will be premierships in our time. What a great night.

Anyhoo the fabled and mythical Annual “426 Memorial Trophy” Leader Board is back for 2019. I am going a little bit against what might be the flow and hoping like hell that “Sizzle” will be our winner, because if he is, the lid is totally and completely off.

Closing time for votes will be Tuesday night for Friday night (finally getting a few) and Saturday games, Wednesday night for Sunday games, and Sunday the 28th for Anzac Eve. So, remember folks, vote early, vote often

And hey, American AFL you have carte blanche here, just get your votes in before the next game if you are interested in participating.

Voting is 12 votes anyway you like, ie Round 1 - TheDarkDwarf - 12 votes. Thank you, thank you very much.

Here is the Honour Board for your perusal:

Honour Roll (Bluey Truscott placings)

2018 - Max Gawn (1st)
2017 - Clayton Oliver (1st)
2016 - Max Gawn (3rd)
2015 - Tom McDonald (3rd)
2014 - Nathan Jones (1st)
2013 - Nathan Jones (1st)
2012 - Nathan Jones (1st)
2011 - Jack Trengove (5th)
2010 - Brad Green (1st)
2009 - Aaron Davey (1st)
2008 - Brad Green (3rd)
2007 - Nathan Jones (2nd)
2006 - Brock McLean (3rd)
2005 - Brent Moloney (3rd)
2004 - Jeff White (1st)​
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