Coach Anthony Rocca joins North as part time Development coach (Fwds/Rucks)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 28, 2007
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North Melbourne
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North Fairfax Kangaroos
as an ancient proverb says:
Coach Emeritus Scamper and Coach Sissy Rose both say the following:


Premium Platinum
Dec 23, 2002
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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There can be only one...
Mason was a bad offender, but now he's gone.

Hall & JZ need to improve on this.

Cam Z would also want to tighten up.
Ziebell is my major disappointment because he just stabs at the ball instead of kicking through it, it is just a sloppy technique which isn't reliable enough. He is such a beautiful kick, to see him hack it from 30m when he so easily and more accurately kicks from 50m because his technique is better at longer range is really odd, most people struggle with range.

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