Any teachers out there changed careers or considering doing so?

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Oct 17, 2022
AFL Club
West Coast
I'm a high school teacher and have been doing the gig for about 9 years and getting tired of it.

Just wondering if there are other teachers out there that have jumped ship, or are considering doing so? If so, what professions have you moved into/considering moving into?
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I have jumped ship... but currently living overseas unemployed... so not sure if was the right choice! haha.

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12 year teacher and also considering it. Just don't have the motivation or desire anymore which is sad as i found posts on the teacher page early in the thread being enthusiastic about the possibilities being a student teacher. Have considered moving schools but I think after 3 to 4 years will have the same problem.

Don't know if becoming a regional officer for some sport would help or maybe we just all hate work which is the real issue here.

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