Anyone Else HATE Watching us on TV?

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Brownlow Medallist
Feb 23, 2009
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New York Jets
I find myself going to the footy tonight because I simply do not want to watch us on TV. Normally I go to the gamr and then re watch the replay the next day, im finding I never, ever watch the replays anymore.

Quite simply, the narrative is always predictable by the presenters. It is also the same FLOGS who always try better than others. I am finding Johnathan Brown and Kane Cornes absolutely apprehensive. Nick Riewoldt is just a gem and I love him.

Guys like Bartel, Brad Johnson, Dal Santo, Montanga, McClure, Robbo, BT, King, Whateley, all absolutely loathe and are jealous of our success and unfortunately seek the narrative of finding our weaknesses and going on and on about how to stop us. Rather than celebrate us at any point or even acknowledge our challenges.

- How do you stop Dusty?
- Stop the spare man in defence.
- Replicate the pressure Richmond put on the opposition.
- Keep Grimes accountable.

- Have they exposed Richmond?
- They could win this, if this, this and that happens next (Bruce was the worst and now BT).
- Improvement on last time.

After the Richmond victory or defeat, its either what can the opposition do to stop Richmond (trying to chop down that tall poppy), or how terrible were the opposition in their loss to us.

Anyway, I absolutely hate watching Richmond matches on TV now. The commentary has ruined everything for me, are others feeling the same?

Anyway, rant over, just feeling flat over it. I have a gorgeous 85 inch Sony in a fantastic theatre room, I love watching our replays :(
The commentary sucks yes.

But I love it.


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 10, 2011
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Liverpool, NY Giants, NY Mets
At least you know what's happening. Had no idea who had gone off for Ross and had no idea what happened to Dusty

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 19, 2008
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Sydney Roosters,Liverpool & Celtics
I dont mind watching us on TV, i just hate most of the channel 7 commentary team.

As a commentator you should be neutral and just call it as you see it. Todays commentary is about supporting the underdog or the team getting well beaten to try and create fake interest in a onesided match in an effort to keep us watching.

Gives me the shits.

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Phar Ace

Premium Platinum
Feb 9, 2017
Sunshine Coast
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The reason is because we have been on top for a long while and teams tend to go up against us as the underdog. Commentators always talk up the underdog. Nothing to do with hating us or our success.

It used to be the same when we were sh*t coming up against the Hawks in their prime.

It does not bother me to be honest. Commentators don't have to talk us up constantly, we all know we have been bloody good for 4 years,so why do we need their validation? Who cares who they talk up or if they analyse how to beat us?
100% agree ND, especially the last bit. We are no more put upon than other successful Clubs - I really noticed it when Brisbane three-peated - noticed less when Hawthorn did - mainly because I don't give a rat's toss about their fake family Club notion - they were the most irrelevant 3peat in history for mine - good team, but I don't care - so a clue is there- may well be 10s of thousands feeling the same way about Richmond?

If we struggle more than usual from here it might get very uncomfotable for you Tzatziki Man because there could be a bit of a pile on. Doesn't mean it's something we have to dwell on! Just love all things Tiger!

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