Preview ANZAC Day Round 6, 2021 vs St Kilda @ Adelaide Oval

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 10, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide

After a win on the road against Carlton, we return home to host the Saints at Adelaide Oval on ANZAC Day. Port Adelaide had a relatively pedestrian win against the Blues but picked up a couple of injuries along the way, while St Kilda copped a huge smacking from Richmond.

Port Adelaide:
4-1, 4th
St Kilda: 2-3, 13th

Last Time We Met: Coincidentally, the last time we played St Kilda was also after a game against Carlton, which was the famous Robbie Gray after the siren match, but we couldn't back it up as the Saints dominated in the ruck on their way to a 5 goal win.

Head to Head (Hinkley era):


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It Just Is

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 25, 2012
On cloud 9
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Port Adelaide
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Can suck it!
Jones, Gresham, Marshall and Ryder killed us last year. All missed last week, Gresham done for the year, any of the others a chance to play? Saints are so slow and vanilla through the midfield without those guys.

Jack Steele except. Gun.

Ant Bear

Hall of Famer
Dec 7, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Port Magpies, Swamprats forever,
They beat us last year by kicking 12.1, the vast majority of their goals from <20 metres out. Now, we have Aliir, and a better defensive system.

There was a minimal, token crowd at AO that night; on Sunday, there will be 35,000 screaming maniacs. Prior to this they had never won at Adelaide Oval.

We have injuries, but so do they. Rockliff should return this week for us, and Rowan Marshall for them. Maybe Ryder, too.

We should win, even with the Saints being stung into action by the media and their own embarrassment. As long as we maintain the will to compete, and even up contested possessions, our belief in our game plan has been vindicated by our performances, and this will get us over the line.

Port by 18.

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Club Legend
Aug 28, 2014
Perth WA
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Chicago Bulls, Anaheim Ducks
Really wanted to fly over for this game. Hopefully the Spectacle sparks some fire to bury these campaigners. Or, just win carn.
seek some retribution for last year. Hoping our increased scoring power and defensive structure (ie Aliir) is enough to get the job done

Byrons Firen

Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 4, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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the maggies
Looking forward to this game.
Port by 42pts
Me too. Altho' our injury count is mounting it's opportunity time for several players to get a decent run of games to push their case.

Woodcock played better and better as the game went on. The silver lining for our longer term injured is the chance to rest before the business end of the season starts.

The main thing I'm looking forward to is our structure up front. Whether Bass is finally getting it right or the 6-6-6 rule is helping but v Carlton there was greater spread by our

key big forwards. Dixon one out more often means more room for Robbie Fanta Rozee etc to ply their wares. Aliir Aliir and Fanta are great additions making us

stronger at both ends. Forgetting fatigue in the last qtr v Carlton I thought we played with more system than we've seen for years.

Clangers are inevitable but I'm seeing fewer and fewer of them. We are actually developing into a good team. Hoping Lachie's ankle is ok coz the Lad's a crowd puller.

The Anzac game is always special and I can't remember the last one we lost.

Carn Ports
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May 10, 2014
Adelaide, South Australia
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Liverpool FC
Massive 4 weeks coming up. St Kilda have been inconsistent but had a 10-goal turnaround against West Coast who prior to that smashed us by what felt like 10 goals only a couple of weeks ago. If you're not on this season you will get punished. On paper and by expectation we should beat St Kilda comfortably, but who knows what a side desperate to make finals again will dish up.

If we come out of the next 4 weeks sitting at 7-2, I'll be wrapped, but considering the 3 after this are Brisbane away, a Showdown and the Bulldogs, this game really is the one we need to put away comfortably.

Ports by 17.


6x Super Bowl Champion
Oct 4, 2005
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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New England Patriots M.C.F.C
Unless St.Kilda can manage to kick as accurately as they did in last seasons games it has no bearing on Sunday. They've been absolutely arse this year and even with some injuries we should win this game comfortably.


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 17, 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Danger game.

Saints best is very, very good. They play AO well, having beaten us at home last year and being very unlucky not to get it done in 2017.

We are potentially missing our two best players and have question marks over many others.


Dec 26, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Good thing is that they surely couldn’t kick as accurately as they did last year.

You rarely ever see score lines as good as 12.1
I think from memory it was the most accurate score line in V/AFL history given how many goals they kicked. The one behind was also one that hit the post. I just hope we don’t receive another reaming from that bloody thieving Stevens.

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