Racing April Daily Punt: Delayed by a week due to bad weather

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Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 25, 2016
AFL Club
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Seattle Seahawks
...and don’t get me started on Hong Kong horses. Their names are completely incongruous like Beauty Generation and Rapper Dragon. WTF does that even mean?!!?

And why do all those Japanese horses get English names?!? Deep-ah Impact...

Ok I need to go to bed.
Their names are Japanese with English translation. The Godfather of Japan racing is an american afterall

The thing Japan does better than anybody the world over is merchandise. They produce awesome products which are worth buying and collecting.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 25, 2012
AFL Club
Doing the form for Sydney and I'm like yep lot to like about Varda, then as I keep going down the list I'm like Varda is going to be $1.80 here isn't it, then I get to the 3rd emergency and it is Athiri WTF
I see Varda as wet tracker only.. with or without Athiri in the race.

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