Are you feeling positive or negative about the 2019 Finals?

How will our finals campaign go?

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Oct 23, 2007
Bentleigh East
AFL Club
St Kilda
"Saturday’s loss to the Lions at the Gabba worked as a perfect embodiment of their season so far. They were terrific early, and, destined for a comfortable win, were reeled in and completely overrun by their northern counterparts in the latter stages."



Norm Smith Medallist
May 3, 2013
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Australian Cricket Team,
Best chance in a while I guess.

High quality small forwards (Miers,GAJ), Lots of players in the peak 24-29 range (Stewart, kelly, Duncan,etc.), miserly defense and say what you want about our ruck stocks it's better than Blitcavcs/Vardy 2013.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 3, 2003
AFL Club
Other Teams
My predictions.
Best Finals Player : Dangerfield
Biggest lift in performance from regular season : Luke Dahl
Worst Finals player : C Guthrie
Biggest drop in performance : Kelly


Protecting the Dropzone
May 16, 2012
AFL Club
From The Age today:

Geelong have been here before. Likely to finish in the top four for the third time in four years and a place in the top two sealed if they can win at home against Carlton on Saturday in their last hitout before the finals.

The Cats had been in top spot since round two and it took a one-point loss to the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba for them to relinquish that perch.
But the Cats are yet to make it beyond a preliminary final since their 2011 premiership. Tim Kelly is a chance to request a trade to West Coast or Fremantle at the end of the season and Patrick Dangerfield joins the skipper Joel Selwood and key forward Tom Hawkins in his 30s next season, increasing the urgency around this campaign.

The Cats keep knocking on the door despite massive changes in playing personnel in the past decade and this might be the best chance Gary Ablett, Harry Taylor, Joel Selwood and Tom Hawkins, who played together in the 2009 flag, have to repeat that feeling.
Recruit Luke Dahlhaus, who played in the Western Bulldogs' 2016 premiership, understands the opportunity on offer but he rejects the suggestion it might be now or never.

"I don't think it is now and never. I don't see why we can't be a good team this year and next year and for the next couple of years," Dahlhaus said.
His optimism might be justified but the Cats can't afford to let too many more chances slip.

Whether this clash will be the final game at GMHBA Stadium for star duo Ablett and Taylor remains to be seen with both yet to re-sign for next season.
The club has been in dialogue with Taylor about his future and Ablett decided early in the year to wait until the season is over before making a call on what he would like to do in 2020.

Both players have had outstanding seasons after struggling with injury and form throughout 2018 with Taylor a pillar of strength in defence while Ablett has kicked 24 goals and created many more as a crafty forward.

Taylor told K-Rock last Sunday he spoke to list manager Stephen Wells recently about his intentions for next season and they both decided to wait until the end of the season before making a decision.

"I probably deliberately haven't let myself wander into that space," Taylor said.

"I have been focused on trying to stay in the present as much as I can."

A premiership might see Ablett out although if they fall short both parties would be tempted to keep going with each other.
Dahlhaus would love to see Ablett play on beyond this season, having experienced just one year alongside the little master.

"He's probably in All-Australian form, to be honest, and he's been amazing," Dahlhaus said.

"It has been good to have been on the same team as him and he has put in some pretty special performances, so I would [like him to keep playing]."
Hawkins - with 52 goals next to his name - has completed his eighth consecutive season kicking at least 46 goals and is contracted until the end of next season while the skipper and three-time premiership Cat Selwood is contracted until the end of 2021.

Everyone at the Cats know the importance of what lies ahead with Taylor's reaction after the loss last week relaying his thoughts, the genial 33-year-old having to walk around the centre square after the siren to compose himself before returning to the rooms.

The Cats are in the hunt once again to land a flag and in a tight season now is as good a time as any to make it happen. Whether they can remains an open question.

"I'm trying to not look too far ahead because tomorrow is going to be a pretty tough task, but yeah, [I'm] very, very excited," Dahlhaus said.


Club Legend
May 24, 2008
AFL Club
I just can't bring myself to feel almost a scrap of positivity about finals - which kills me because I've loved this team all my life and I love seeing them do well.
I've just been burned every year after 2011, and this year has particularly annoyed me, because for the first time in a long while, we started to look like a team who was assembling the required components of a Premiership team:

- A genuine will for the contest (Rohan, Miers, Dahl etc)
- A working midfield unit (Kelly, Stanley, GAJ, Danger)
- A functional forwardline (Hawk, Miers, Rohan etc)

And now the will for the contest is lapsing (people are saying 'heavy training load' - not sure I buy it. The team doesn't look as tenacious as they did at the start of the year)
The midfield unit is down (Stanley's confidence shot, Kelly not lighting it on fire like he was before)
The forwardline isn't functioning (Hawkins down on form, the forward pressure isn't working anymore because the midfield delivery isn't as good)
And, like every single damn year since 2011, the Bye just continues to completely bend us over and our smug coach goes on 360 and runs the same tired sh*t he always does - "Data can be deceiving / we don't really look at the past for future predictions / It's not something we really acknowledge within the club."
Really? Well start acknowledging it. When we beat Hawthorn 11 times in a row, their coach was honest about it and owned up to the reality as it presented itself. And you can bet your life he put it on the players to shape up and own the situation. There comes a point when reality needs to be addressed and ownership needs to be taken. And I'm just not sure how much ownership this current team is willing to take.

Like I've said, I love Geelong and I really hope they prove me wrong.

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Hall of Famer
Nov 12, 2002
AFL Club
I have too many bad past finals experiences to hold much hope we won’t choke. But hoping like hell we don’t.
Last time we were this certain about a final in advance was the Sydney final in 2017. We ended up smashing them. Not saying that will happen against (likely) Richmond, but nothing is certain.


Club Legend
Apr 8, 2011
AFL Club
I’m positive we’ll bomb out straight sets, just lack that never say die attitude. Half the team just happy to play AFL and collect their pay check, flags aren’t important.
Nah. Blame the game plan, blame the coaches, blame the players playing poorly and being overwhelmed, but to say the effort won't be there in a final and that they're happy just get get their pay is ridiculous.

If we bomb out it won't be a lack of trying (effort).

year of the cat

Premium Platinum
Mar 27, 2006
AFL Club
One thing in our favour is that there will be 7 other pretty average teams in the finals. If we can bring the same attitude we had in the first couple of months if the season there’s no reason why we can’t go all the way. Our top end, although ageing, are as good as any in the comp. Its a matter of whether our bottom 6 are good enough when it counts. I have my doubts.

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