Are you feeling positive or negative about the 2019 Finals?

How will our finals campaign go?

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May 24, 2008
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Like most just don’t know where to start but certainly know where it ends?

I actually gave this a lot of thought as I am sure most posters did too.

The answer if you look at it empirically has been there all along. While I feel that our list actually is good enough, especially this year the players are just not allowed to play the way they naturally want or need to.

We sort of figured this out in the first half of the season but then mystifyingly reverted back to safe, predictable, physically stupefying football.


The post bye blues a mere distraction. Mind numbing team selections, frustrating but again a distraction. While these things have had impacts they are not critical.

Long ongoing debate over the merits of certain individual players, some going over years even, irrelevant.

Our playing group run out with little to no enthusiasm, not prepared to get physical, no excitement; no flair and on and on.

Look at all of this in isolation and the malaise is missed.
The one constant over the last however many years is not post bye preparation, it is not because player “A” is being looked over, that happens at all clubs. It is not because we are way off the pace.

The one constant across all this time is the game plan, by extension our coach, and even further the support staff.

As a club I finally believe we need to take the public embarrassment, massive financial hit and change our football department personnel.

The current situation while terrible has the potential to put us back into the wilderness if we don’t act now.
Love to be wrong on this but there’s so much data pointing this way


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May 18, 2014
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Pies was the easiest final we will play and blew it.
Just gets harder from here.
Expecting more of the same next week and straight setting...embarrassing stuff.

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