Are you happy with WB fan engagement?

Are you happy with what you get from the club?

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Honk For The Dogs
Jan 7, 2021
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
I'm seeing it echo'd around in a few threads and thought I'd start one dedicated to the topic.

Are you currently happy with the amount of fan engagement / social media you get from the club?
How about bang for buck from your membership?
What would you like to see improved over the current years?


Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 10, 2008
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Generally yes.

Can't speak about things like family days as I don't have kids and don't attend, although I will be going to the open session next Sat.


Premiership Player
May 7, 2011
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
As someone who lives in the eastern suburbs and works 6 days a week I find it quite hard to find time to get out west to see anything live in the way of training or match sim. I have to rely on social media to get anything club related and there are a lot of people much further away than me.
The club need to realize that they are a nationwide club in a national competition with fans and members in every state
So yeah, something a bit more than a token effort would be appreciated

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Club Legend
Jan 8, 2004
S**tny, the cesspit of OZ
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
I know the club puts out random video of the training sessions, but if they just showed parts of the session and how the players are going rather than leaving it in the hands of some 1st year Arts student trying to create an entry for the Cannes Film Festival with all the weird angles, slow motion and random jumps between shots (as well as the art house music) I think everyone would appreciate it more.