Game Day Around The Grounds Rounds 16 - 20

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Nov 2, 2020
AFL Club
Not every single thread in a discussion forum needs to be about the same thing. This thread is about the other games; it's for discussion, conversation, commiseration, enjoyment.

Seeing as you're clearly approaching this from a different side than I am, I'll ask you this: if I can find enjoyment in richmond losing to geelong at the G this afternoon, would you really begrudge me that?

If Carlton supporters also kind of just enjoy footy, does that enjoyment have to be constrained to expression elsewhere, away from the Carlton bigfooty board?

I'm going to be honest here. When I signed up to this website, I was living in Geelong. I was a student, I had no job, and I was dirt poor. My uncle - who I conversed with daily about footy - had passed away in his late sixties, and the rest of my family either weren't interested in footy to the degree I was and/or treated it as an opportunity for banter. And while I like banter, I also like to talk footy in earnest, and I wasn't going to get it from them.

Finding this forum was terrific for me. It opened my eyes to other ways to see the game, to the history of the various clubs and to our history. I've said it before, but I read more than I post; given how often I post on here now, that must sound a mite dubious, but it's true. I read constantly in my life; if I'm not actively doing something, I'm reading.

So the fact that this thread is dead because some Carlton fans made it yet another reminder of our ineptitude makes me kind of sad, but also a little angry.
Everyone is different, some are carlton fans, others are footy fans as well. It doesn't mean one at the exclusion of the other, demeans ones commitment or devotion to supporting the club. You need to remember, current circumstances diminish some joy accross all levels, compounded by a flux of emotions from our performances, with seemingly no plan revealed. Everyone deals witth it differently, some watch other sports (olympics) some read, some even watch other teams and are heartened (or dismayed) with the improvement beyond ours.

we suck at football, that's clear. But let me tell you, there was a time when I was a teen to early adult, we didn't, we were the best. the ilk of Richmond, Brisbane dynasty best.

If you like watching a game because you get into "game mode" of one over the other (for whatever reasons), i think that's normal, and who am i to begrudge you.
I love watching elite athletics, try watching a sport when it's accepted, 40% + of the best dope and you don't know for certain who does.

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