Arsenal FC: Out of control

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 28, 2011
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
I don't think we'll beat Southampton, they're a very good team. United game favours us being at home, should be beating Wolves as they're not as crash hot as expected, Villa I'd expect a loss, a win against Leeds.

Rest are too far away to worry about when you factor in injuries and form etc.
I think we are a decent chance to beat Southampton, we kept them to 1-0 with our very poor 2nds team while they were pretty much full strength, and that was an own goal as well. I have no doubt now condemned us to a 3-0 loss now haha.

However, under no illusions we are definitely a work in progress still. Haven't lost since before Christmas though which is a positive at least.

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Club Legend
Feb 1, 2019
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Expecting us to trip over again sooner or later, we are probably another couple of injuries away from going back to trash (fa cup game for example), but at the moment we arent playing too bad

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