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Monkey King

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Jan 31, 2007
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I don't know where you get this china is elite sh*t from but the quality of manufacturing has been massively lower in any product that has decided to shift manufacturing to china, we used to be able to buy a fridge that lasted 30 years now its 6 months and it's falling apart.

They aren't doing anything that an India or Thailand couldn't do if trained and as China have done some simple tariffs placed on Chinese imported goods like they have done with our exports to them and anything they made independently would be irrelevant as it would cost double for the same thing.

A paperboy in Australia would be on triple the average wage in china, you can call that not 3rd world if you like.
From what you post, it’s obvious you have little knowledge or experience regarding the topics you speak on. Just some bloke with not enough nous to realise where your knowledge stops and your opinion starts. Seriously this is like listening to some young Tigers poster insisting their current side is better than the Lions threepeat team.

Johnny Bananas

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Sep 10, 2010
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Brisbane Lions
The only way out of this mess is if big companies like Apple, Intel, Google, etc shift their manufacturing to other 3rd world countries but they only care about padding their wallets so they wont do it.
Samsung have already moved their manufacturing to India and Vietnam, as have Sony with Thailand. Those are two brands you could buy.

If the goal is to wean ourselves off the Chinese economic teat, we absolutely need other markets to buy manufactured goods from and sell our resources and agricultural products to. I'd be backing the Indian horse, because they're the only market anywhere near as big.
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Thai Hawk

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Jun 30, 2012
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Vixens cause they are hot
Chinese communist ideology vs American free market economy thinking.
Now both very grey areas with blurry lines..
It's going to be an interesting & sometimes painful decade.

Just don't confuse Chinese people with the communist party.
Most Chinese people would love to talk publicly about being unable to vote but fear for their families lives..
Others have been brainwashed from day 1.
Nothing lasts forever not even nations.
As the communist party expands it's borders & powers it becomes weaker internally, just ask the Soviet republic or the Roman empire.
All hail freedom of speech & human beings.
Viva la peace
This, having lived in China I can tell you most Cinese hate the CCP. They are just scared of what will happen to their families if they speak up. The people are the biggest victims of the CCP as they have no way out as other governments, including our own are willing to ignore their actions


Chugging Adrenochrome
Dec 1, 1999
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This could happen here as well. Don't think it can't
This is the ridiculous private funding model the brought in in the UK.

Absolute farce, with fundamentalist evolution-denying Christians starting "academies", among other things.

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