Assistant Coaches - Forwards line coach and opposition strategy coach to move on at the end of 2019

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Apr 20, 2011
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What a silly timeframe. You should be able to announce post season. Hopefully we only retain Kelly and Rutten in their respective roles. Harding is a bit of a blow.
It's a good rule for a bit of job security for the assistants.
Would suck to be caught unaware at the end of the season with no way of getting your affairs in order for life after that season.

There’s a couple of podcasts I listened to a while ago one with Rob Harding and one with the guy who used to work at north and Hawthorn I think. I posted the cliffs a few pages ago but they’re definitely needed. They’re the ones that watch our opponents and take notes so we can plan for what they get up to. I think they watch 3-4 games every week..? From memory. Harding is also our team offence coach.

I’m wondering if Skipworth goes back to the forward line and we bring in a new mids coach. He was good with the forwards a few years ago.
Yeah sorry I wasn't really clear, I get that the opposition analysis role was needed but it kind of seems he had taken up a bigger role within our team focusing on gamestyle and strategy development.
Do we need another of those or is this another one of those jobs that can be distilled down into simpler roles?
If not what types do you look to tap for those roles?

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Jul 15, 2008
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I don't mind a large football department clean out. We need some continuity though.

Would love to keep Kelly and Rutten, I'm ambivalent on Woosha. From accounts I've heard Harvey has done a great job with defenders but maybe he’s been around long enough.

I'd like an overhaul of the strength/conditioning/fitness department. I get the feeling we went from cowboy on the edge then way too conservative as a result from the saga. Let's just get people in who are well credentialed that don't have any of that hanging over their heads.

I hope there is a thorough review from the board of our CEO down. It should have already been happening and if not, should commence immediately.
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Apr 11, 2002
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