Attending overseas GPs - advice re tickets / seats?

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May 9, 2011
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Hi All,

Long time reader / first time poster on the Motor Board. Haven't seen a thread on this and have a question if you don't mind....

Am planning on making a trip next year to see the Belgian, Italian and then Singapore GP in a three week succession, and although the draft 2019 calendar hasn't been ratified yet, I am sniffing around for tickets.

I guess I was keen to hear from anyone who can:
1. Recommend a reliable re-seller outside of the official F1 ticket store; or
2. Advise whether you are actually able to pick your row/seat - most of the sites, both official or re-seller, seem to have only the ability to pick your stand, then it must be roulette from there on your actual seat.

I know from previous experience in Australian GP I had to ring up Ticketmaster and talk to someone about the row/seat I wanted, but not sure whether that same ability is possible for overseas GPs.

Any help guys would be great, pressure is on from 15yo reserve driver to come through with some plumb seats haha.


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Jan 25, 2011
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We love newcomers.

1. You are gonna have a damn good time. Great plan.
2. Make sure you nail down guaranteed seats. After all the stuffing about with travel you are not going to want to have to faff about with standing room or first-come-first-served bullshit.

I recognise that I haven't addressed your questions but eh... Wilkommen.

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