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Attention Ben.Carbonaro

Discussion in 'VAFA Board' started by The Big Pineapple, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. The Big Pineapple

    The Big Pineapple Club Legend

    Western Bulldogs
    Apr 05
    Keilor Hill

    Please apply for the position below!


    The VAFA is seeking the services of two or more scribes for the Under 19 section of the 2006 "Amateur Footballer".

    The position of Amateur Footballer scribe is honorary, though it has proven for many to be a very rewarding opportunity, particularly for football writing enthusiasts or journalists hoping to improve their writing portfolio.

    Duties will include a weekly written review and preview of Under 19 matches, so a keen interest in and understanding of VAFA Under 19 football is required.

    Interested parties are asked to send a short letter summarising their writing history or any other useful skills which they believe may serve them well in this position.

    Applicants are also welcome to attach an existing example of their work or alternatively, an example of a hypothetical VAFA Under 19 section report for the Amateur Footballer.

    Please direct all applications and any queries to Kate Balme before 5pm Friday March 17th.

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  2. sammyg

    sammyg Senior List

    Sep 02
    Other Teams:
    The word on the street is that they had one of these positions filled but then when Glitz (aka Gary Glitter) got convicted they had to find a replacement for him.
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