Racing August Daily Punt- Aw S**t, Here We Go Again

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 17, 2014
AFL Club
Thoughts for the day. Was wrong about SOJ, Alizee disappointed me. Would sack her except shes going to meet walkers. BHB was good. bit flat footed but worth persevering with. Despatch hung on really well and beat BGTYM home and he might be the Showday/Rupert Clarke/whateverthey call it stakes.
Bivouac victim of the death and also being another one dimensional Godolphin cat.. I know ppl don't agree with me but outside the leader is the worst position in a race and the further the race the worse the position is. Am dirty i put my free bet on Anaheed instead of Exceedence but at least got my bonus bet which as usual ran last! Anyway i am not excited by any 3yo ive seen. Carrying on from hte crap 2yo season from last year. That Adelaide horse might be the best at the moment.
Pippie is very good. Said it before will say it again. At least group 2 standard and might fluke a weak Group 1 wfa sprint if conditions are right.
Super Titus run of the day. Just a shame its in that stable so who knows what it will follow up with
Willow is back to his hack best... he is riding terrible
Worst ride of the day and its not even close, Ruuca at EAgle Farm race 5 no 4. He fair dinkum cost it 10 lengths in the run and got beaten a neck. Am Shocked BB wasnt on it.

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