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Auskick Auskick 2.0 format

Discussion in 'Skills, Coaching, Admin, Umpires' started by GeeLill, May 9, 2018.

  1. GeeLill

    GeeLill Draftee

    West Coast
    May 18
    Was just wondering whether anyone has had experience in running the new Auskick format. The format involves four "activity" squares which are around 15m long, on which the Auskickers perform different skill drills. At the end, those four squares convert to "grid games". The grid games have no zones and are played 4 vs 4.

    I coach a Year 1 Team and just wanted to see whether anyone wants to share their experiences. I am finding the grid games at the end are not flowing that well as all kids converge on wherever the ball is.

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  2. Drugs Are Bad Mackay?

    Drugs Are Bad Mackay? Moderator

    May 06
    Car 55
    Other Teams:
    Redbacks, Sturt, Liverpool
    Games are always tough with young kids. You look at them as a coach and think it looks rubbish. Scrappy, kids piling up, not anything that resembles a game.

    But when the kids roll up next week the first thing they'll ask is "Are we playing the games again??!!" They love them.

    You can add some simple rules to tidy them up a bit eg players have to keep their feet. If you go to ground when trying to pick up the ball it's instantly a free against.
  3. cptkirk

    cptkirk Premiership Player

    Oct 09
    st kilda east
    I'm running 2.0 as well but yeah the games are a scrum so just pay someone a free kick and tell them to spread and repeat! We just play the game with all our kids which is about 20 odd and break the juniors off for their own training together
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