Aussie killed in Canada with gf *murder*

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Dec 12, 2008
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This maybe related in some way.
Following the twitter feed of this bloke, it appears that RCMP had decided not to release any information at this stage.
But there's been stories in the press previously of someone, that could be him being investigated in regards to links involving a Neo Nazi group called The Base
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May 20, 2008
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Jul 2, 2005
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Police found a digital camera near the bodies of McLeod and Schmegelsky that contained six videos and three still images.

While police have resolved not to release the six videos the killers shot, they have described what occurs videos in their report into the murders.

Video 1, 58 seconds: Schmegelsky says he and McLeod are responsible for the three murders. He explains how the two are headed to Hudson Bay where they plan to hijack a boat and then flee to Europe or Africa.

Video 2, 51 seconds: Schmegelsky says the pair have reached a large, fast-moving river. He suggests they may have to commit suicide and McLeod agrees. They again take credit for killing three people and express no remorse.

Video 3, 32 seconds: Schmegelsky says they have shaved in preparation for their own death. He announces plans to go back to kill people and says he expects them to be dead within a week.

V ideo 4, 19 seconds: The pair describe how they will shoot themselves.

Video 5, six seconds: This footage appears to have been taken by accident.

Video 6, 31 seconds: McLeod and Schmegelsky declare that the video is their last will and testament and they state their wish to be cremated.

Still image 1: This shows Schmegelsky lying on his side posing with a rifle.

Still image 2: This is a blurry image that appears to have been taken by mistake.

Still image 3: This appears to be a selfie that shows McLeod from the chest up.

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