Australia, China and ASEAN

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Aug 5, 2019
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This quote I found interesting:

Yun Jiang, a China scholar from the Australian National University, recently bemoaned the lack of diversity of opinion on China on ABC's Q+A. She said the foreign policy establishment is still dominated by a European point of view. As she said, the voices are too often "white".

It’s a difference in mindset and cultural traditions and philosophy.

Western culture values the individual, personal freedom and self success

Eastern culture values the society, collective freedom and group success.

It reminded me of an interview i saw with a Western commentator talking about China who said that eventually, once they’re exposed to American culture and media, and the stories of Washington, Jefferson and the founding fathers and their stories of liberty, they’ll fall in and value rights, personal freedoms and individual liberties, and then desire success for self as most important over any loyalty to family, as the West has.

As far as we can see the east hasn’t. An example is anti-vaxxer protests. Even though places like Singapore, the supposed most western Asian country, are supposedly “western style democracies” why aren’t there anti Vax protests? Even if small?

And in Australia, out of interest I watched a video posted about the anti Vax rally in Perth. Approx 10,000 people attended. According to stats 20% of Perth’s population is of Asian heritage, so roughly 2,000 should have been of asian heritage right? I counted perhaps 10?

It seems Eastern values and tradition are triumphing over western individual freedoms, even with “democracy” and western culture. Even Australians of Asian descent value collective societal protection over individual freedom to not choose to be vaccinated.

ALP is more about society, collective freedom and group success.
LNP is more about individual, personal freedom, and self success.

Chinese people are compliant - friendly, lovely people - but as a community in Australia they are friend of the LNP

Personal freedom, self success - and they are the biggest Asian demographic on Aus.
Asian societies also happen to be more unequal.
I hope I'm not being ethnocentric here, or you or whatever, where was I getting at...

You're absolutely right - to be politically correct and even a little racist, or is it?, white people tend to have more extreme beliefs, radicals, and bogans yet somehow societies in the material sense Australia has a very egalitarian society, or had That's starting to change now though, with the LNP government getting voted in again and again - I guess the world and politics is a diverse, nuanced and compicated place - especially Australia.

It will be interesting the direction our country trajects in the coming years.
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May 20, 2019
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LNP is more about individual, personal freedom, and self success.

I think there is a lot of truth in that.

It is a belief system that helps to explain why LNP Prime Minister Morrison can happily go on a secret holiday to Hawaii during a bushfire crisis which saw thousands of Australians voluntarily risking their lives to save the lives and properties of others. A bushfire crisis which saw 2 volunteer firefighters die on the very day that a photo emerged of Morrison doing the 'hang loose' gesture in a pair of boardies on Waikiki beach.

A belief system that sees Morrison return from his Hawaii holiday and organise a photo shoot for the media with bushfire survivors amongst their burnt out homes without a single sign of regret or acknowledgement of how appallingly inappropriate and selfish that was.

As you say - individual, personal freedom and self success.

How anyone could think those are qualities we should be looking for in leading our nation is simply beyond me.
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Aug 17, 2009
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Thats not what we are saying. Dutton has said on record we will send troops to Taiwan without reservation

we are not wagging a finger, we are saying we will in be in the war

so my question is, how do we win it?
There is only a war if Xi starts it which is more likely if he thinks noone will care.

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Aug 22, 2009
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There is only a war if Xi starts it which is more likely if he thinks noone will care.

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china only put Taiwan back on the agenda because two of its red lines were being threatened - the USA admitted it has been putting troops on the island, and its been ecouraging taiwan to declare independence

IMO this was mainly to get a chinese reaction to get SE Asian support in the SCS

anyway thats being wound back. China and USA are back to status quo on taiwan (usa maintains the defence of taiwan act, but it still supports the one china policy), and china signing up to ASEANs anti nukes in SE Asia puts the pressure on us to do the same now

and again, lets say xi did invade, then what? if we are sending troops, how do we win a war against china?

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