Grand Slam Australian Open (Day 13, Womens Final)

Sofia Kenin v Garbine Muguruza

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Apr 28, 2008
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Well done to Kenin. Was playing playstation tennis out there and moving her playing-it-safer opponent all over the court. She distinctly plays like someone who has been hitting a ball incessantly since early childhood. And talks like it too, a very Trump-esque nothing speech with little yet behind those eyes. Still a kid. I like how nondescript she looks, in that you could be standing next to her in a supermarket and wouldn't recognise her at all. Very refreshing.

I admired Garbine for that smile she was able to paste on her face during her acceptance speech. Very graceful, articulate, and despite the story told by her face (those 3 double faults in the last 2 games must sting), she was able to shine during her interview. A vintage finals run.

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May 4, 2009
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Scunny, Furth

that dress....wowsers

No one might have predicted her success in this tournament. But that is more fool on us in hindsight. While(and I am a shocker for this) look at players with the big shots, it was she who won the most improved award last year. it was she who beat Serena at the French. It was she, the only person who beat Andreescu in something like 6 months.

interesting that 3 out of the last 4 winners of women grand slams hadn't made a semi at an open before winning the big one. 2 of them hadn't even made a quarter. Andreescu and her share the same killer mentality. put Osaka from 2018 US Open and you could say that experience is over-rated.

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