Grand Slam Australian Open - Day 9

Who wins the night matches?

  • Halep/Novak

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Halep/Sascha

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Serena/Novak

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • Serena/Sascha

    Votes: 1 11.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Community Leader
May 4, 2009
AFL Club
Other Teams
Scunny, Furth
Odd Days are where it is.

Rod Laver Arena

Naomi Osaka vs. Su-Wei Hsieh
NB 3pm
Grigor Dimitrov vs. Aslan Karatsev

Serena Williams vs. Simona Halep
Novak Djokovic vs. Alexander Zverev

What a night session. Lovely lovely lovely.

Osaka will find it tough v Su Wei but will win. Will take time to adapt to Su Wei, like in previous matches. Aslan and Grigor, flip a coin. Aslan is in his first grand slam, Dimitrov is trying to make his 2nd semi here. Aslans run is remarkable but that 5 setter might be a tough ask to overcome.

Serena plays her first night match of the tournament, against a player who has played plenty. never ever count out Serena, but also, never count out Haleps ability to do the impossible. That Wimbledon final, where Halep destroyed Williams showcases that Halep has the game to beat the Serena on any court. they haven't played since. Halep will make Serena run, run, run but it is on Serena racquet.

In the other match; the big question is, how injured is Novak. Sascha should test him a lot more than Milos in the rallies. Sascha has been in good form as well, US Open final and hasn't dropped a set since he started slowly in the first(nearly dropped 2 that day IIRC). If Novak is fit, he wins. If Novak is 90%, it is close. Is Sascha mentally ready to beat Novak?

Osaka in 2
Dimitrov in 4

Halep in 3
Sasha in 5

[7] Rublev vs [4] Medvedev
[5] Tsitsipas vs [2] Nadal

[1] Djokovic vs [6] Zverev
Dimitrov [18] vs. Karatsev [Q]
Hsieh vs. [3] Osaka
[10] S. Williams vs. [2] Halep

[1] Barty vs [25] Muchova
[22] Brady vs. Pegula


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 4, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Man Utd, Atlanta Hawks
Thanks BobbyMorri for the write up. Looking forward to all 4 marches. All have things of interest going for them. Osaka's reaction was funny when she heard she was playing hsieh. Osaka to win though. Was very impressed with Serenas defensive play and movement against sabalenka. She needs to bring that level against halep. I think Serena will win that one. Karatsev has been incredible, story of the tournament so far. But Dimitrov has found some nice form. As for sacha and Novak, I expect zverev to win.

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All Australian
Aug 24, 2020
AFL Club
West Coast
Day session hard to predict:
Hsieh in 3.
Aslan in 5.

Night session must easier:
Serena in 3.
Injury fake Djokovic in 3.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 26, 2011
AFL Club
Tell me what happens.
Can't wAtch the guy.
I mean, that stance he takes to receive the ball..eyyyyewwww!
Amd the blood curdling howls like he just slaughtered an army...hideous
Then the careless self centered covid rule breaking
Please thrash him Zverev. I want to watch the mens final.

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Community Leader
May 4, 2009
AFL Club
Other Teams
Scunny, Furth
Good hope the Russians all lose this round lol
bit tough when 2 of them play each other.

And Medvedev is cool. will never forget his run at the US Open in 2019 and his trolling of the New York crowd.

This is big trouble for Aslan. Dimitrov has done his homework and Aslan looks tired

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