Autopsy Autopsy vs GWS - Round 13, 2021 - a draw

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Apr 3, 2008
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North Melbourne
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Man Utd, Celtic, Kildare
mightn't have been a win but thats seriously some of the most sexy footy we've played in years
The play which included Ben McKay’s defence-splitting kick was a joy to behold. Who knows where Ben will end up or what heights he’ll reach?

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Jun 4, 2013
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North Melbourne
Had five of the best seven players on the field and drew.
We were better for longer but just ran out of puff. Comparatively, at any rate. I didn't think we ran the game out as awfully as we have others, but GWS got a head of steam and up took every attacking option, and between us having slightly lesser fitness and getting rattled, well the rest is history.

North Melbourne v GWS
10 Josh Kelly (GWS)
7 Ben Cunnington (NMFC)
4 Nick Haynes (GWS)
4 Aaron Hall (NMFC)
2 Todd Goldstein (NMFC)
2 Cameron Zurhaar (NMFC)
1 Tarryn Thomas (NMFC)
Love seeing TT and Cam in the votes, they keep their respective forms up and it won't be the last time this year.

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Oct 27, 2004
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North Melbourne
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mate we've done fu** all to be frank. Absolutely pathetic when it came to preparing professional athletes. Noble was mortified or maybe he wasn't. As I said time will reveal all.
I think it was Rhyce Shaw who was concerned about the fitness levels of the players, but at the time was only an assistant coach.

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