Banter Banter thread Part 2 - Opposition fans welcome

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Jun 4, 2006
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TerryWallet sig says it best.

No excuses folks. If you want to come to the Blues board to engage in some banter at Carlton's expense, you can now do so. Best of all there is no excuse for misbehaving in any of our other threads.

Not for the faint hearted Blues supporters this one.

Some rules still apply ... no personal abuse beyond obvious humour, nothing slanderous. Rip into each other's teams, players ... you get the drift.

*Disclaimer. Again, this is something people asked for. We're hesitant to start these things and if it is not well received, it could be axed. It's main benefit is funnelling our cheeky visitors somewhere.
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Mar 15, 2012
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and arent they bitter about it - cannot find a saints fan happy for the dogs....before or after the game.
There were some who dropped by to post a decent congratulations message on our board.

That was probably before someone described their new jumper as having a toilet seat around the neck in our banter thread though. Haven't seen too many happy Saints posters since that.

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