Boxing Bare Knuckle FC

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Kinda wanna watch but not enough to pay, don't really enjoy the bare knuckle fighting seems to just be bulk haymakers.
Will be interesting how paulies boxing translates

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It would be better to watch with MMA gloves over bare knuckle IMO. Guys wouldn't be breaking their hands as often, far less damage on the fighters also but then it would lose it's gimmick...

I've watched MMA and Boxing for 15 years and this is largely unskilled bar room brawls. Tremendous heart shown but not much of a sporting spectacle. Then again, I don't think it's trying to be
Aleks isn't getting cleared anywhere in the US. Convicted rapist won't get into the country and even if he did, he has hepatitis. Not even the most incopmetent commission will license him...

I agree, but that was the rumour going around on twitter. He has been fighting reasonably regularly in Russia since 2017 and BKFC are looking for big names to get themselves off the ground. I don't necessarily think it will happen, but I'd certainly watch if they manage to pull it off.


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