Basil Zempilas

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Adelaide Hawk

Sep 21, 2002
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His surname is Nigerian although big nose should be getting it right. He's a journalist and the bloke is only an MVP not some bloke playing NBL

I agree. It reminds me of the time Martina Navratilova was playing at Wimbledon, had already won a bucket full of titles, at the time the best female player in the world, and the centre court judge spent the entire game mispronouncing her name. You could see it was really getting on her nerves.


Club Legend
Aug 16, 2020
AFL Club
The basic issues with Basil are the usual 2nd tier commentator problems..

- Doesnt do his research and gets basic facts wrong
- Tries to engage co- commentators a la McIverney but at inappropriate times of the game
- Feels he has to fill air time and witters on mindlessly about unrelated issues
- Witters pn about incidents during the game at the expense of what we are actually seeing
- Raises mid week controversy during a call without any real relevance....or takes the superficial line.

All in all he's as big an air head as Bartlett and BT without their understanding of the players view.

The calling stocks must be incredibly low in TV land for this guy to be getting a gig.
Nah , you're over thinking it
He's just a tool !!!! 🤣

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Aug 16, 2006
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
He just had another crack at the pronunciation again in tonites news - wasn’t too bad this time...
Surely couldn't stuff it up twice. Embarrassing enough the first time. The bloke was only the MVP and Basil's job a sports journalist. I'd expect more from the work experience kid

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