BBL|09 Game 54: Sydney Thunder v Perth Scorchers @ Sydney Showgrounds 26th Jan 2020 2:45pm


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Sep 27, 2001
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Sydney Thunder (5W 7L 1NR Net Run Rate -0.495)
  • 12. Callum FERGUSON (c)
  • 27. Liam BOWE
  • 50. Jono COOK
  • 6. Alex HALES
  • 18. Usman KHAWAJA
  • 70. Jay LENTON (+)
  • 44. Nathan McANDREW
  • 5. Chris MORRIS
  • 7. Arjun NAIR
  • 49. Alex ROSS
  • 60. Daniel SAMS
  • 28. Gurinder SANDHU
  • 20. Chris TREMAIN

In: McAndrew, Tremain

Unchanged XIII

Perth Scorchers (6W 7L Net Run Rate -0.005)
  • 10. Mitch MARSH (c)
  • 18. Ashton AGAR
  • 52. Fawad AHMED
  • 4. Cameron BANCROFT
  • 14. Tim DAVID
  • 95. Josh INGLIS (+)
  • 12. Matthew KELLY
  • 65. Mornel MORKEL (BBL debut)
  • 3. Joel PARIS
  • 41. Kurtis PATTERSON
  • 2. Jhye RICHARDSON
  • 17. Ashton TURNER

In: David, Morkel, Paris
Out: Chris JORDAN
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Jun 19, 2017
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No wonder the Scorchers are struggling.

Looked at the middle orders stats today.

Bancroft 255 runs at 25 with a strike rate of 109
Turner 85 runs at 14 SR110
Agar 49 runs at 8 SR 81
Green 106 runs at 15 SR 108

Agar and Turners stats are criminal.

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Nov 8, 2000
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CA won't want Perth to win.....means they play the first final in Perth. At 3:30 on a Thursday. They'll struggle to get 10k there on a few days notice given everyone's going to be at work.


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Sep 16, 2006
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The Hurricanes and Heat gaining big wins their last game and hugely increasing their mediocre NRR means this game is an absolute must win for both teams, a loss here would almost certainly be curtains finals wise. Hoping the Scorchers win however we're unlikely to progress past the first or second final so meh. I'm happy they changed the finals format this season to make it much harder to win it all from 4th (or 5th in BBL) and because of that only the top 3 will win the title.


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Mar 28, 2009
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Would not surprise me to see the Scorchers lose again....too inconsistent for me

anything over 160 chasing its basically game over

lets face it if inglis livingstone marsh make no runs its game over

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Apr 1, 2009
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Is it possible that Voges is stepped down as Scorchers coach if we miss finals for the second year on the trot?

Or is this unrealistic given he's WA coach and the tension that it could cause.

I think we'll win regardless.

Admiral Byng

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May 3, 2009
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Yep been a bit of a write off season for Scorchers.

Never really got going. Done well to stay alive this late.

Poor drafting?

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Nah, the big problem is the middle order. Green, Turner, Bancroft, David, Agar have all been shit, to put it bluntly. These aren't short term drafting decisions, these blokes are the core group of WA cricketers for all forms of the game.

The players I consider drafted in to make up the numbers are players like Jordan, Livingstone and Ahmed. Their performances have all benn up to the required standard.

Problem we've got wit the squad is that if all the potential middle order players are out fo form there's nobody else to bring in if you want to drop someone. They are all performing really badly, all 5 or 6 of them. We're kind of stuck with the squad we picked.


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Feb 23, 2009
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Still think Scorchers look good on paper and the Thunder arent great.

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Jul 12, 2004
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Go Scorchers, even though a Thunder win still won’t see them play finals, it’s better to be sure.

To think someone once proclaimed the Thunder favourites to make the final, looking at that side it’s surely in line with one of their quest ever?


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Jun 19, 2017
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Patterson has dropped out for Green, though. Has he reinjured himself?
I reckon the thinking behind it is, they need more hitting power rather than another nudger.
Don't really need KP and Bangers in the same side I reckon.

Whether David is up to it is another matter.

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