BBL BBL Fixture 2020 / 21

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Chugging Adrenochrome
Dec 1, 1999
AFL Club
All times AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne time)

Thu Dec 10Hurricanes vs SixersBlundstone Arena7:15pmSeven/Fox
Fri Dec 11Stars vs HeatManuka Oval7:15pmSeven/Fox
Sat Dec 12Stars vs ThunderManuka Oval4:05pmFox Cricket
Sat Dec 12Renegades vs ScorchersBlundstone Arena7:15pmSeven/Fox
Sun Dec 13Strikers vs HurricanesBlundstone Arena2:10pmSeven/Fox
Sun Dec 13Sixers vs RenegadesBlundstone Arena7:15pmSeven/Fox
Mon Dec 14Thunder vs HeatManuka Oval7:15pmSeven/Fox
Tue Dec 15Hurricanes vs StrikersUTAS Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Wed Dec 16Scorchers vs StarsUTAS Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Sat Dec 19Hurricanes vs RenegadesBlundstone Arena11:10amSeven/Fox
Sun Dec 20Sixers vs StrikersBlundstone Arena11:10amSeven/Fox
Tue Dec 22Thunder vs ScorchersManuka Oval7:15pmFox Cricket
Wed Dec 23Heat vs StrikersThe Gabba7:15pmFox Cricket
Sat Dec 26Thunder vs RenegadesManuka Oval6:10pmSeven/Fox
Sat Dec 26Sixers vs StarsMetricon Stadium9:20pmSeven/Fox
Sun Dec 27Heat vs HurricanesThe Gabba7:15pmSeven/Fox
Mon Dec 28Scorchers vs StrikersAdelaide Oval7:15pmSeven/Fox
Tue Dec 29Renegades vs SixersMetricon Stadium6:10pmFox Cricket
Tue Dec 29Thunder vs StarsManuka Oval7:15pmSeven/Fox
Wed Dec 30Hurricanes vs HeatThe Gabba7:15pmSeven/Fox
Thu Dec 31Strikers vs ScorchersAdelaide Oval7:15pmSeven/Fox
Fri Jan 1Renegades vs ThunderMetricon Stadium7:15pmFox Cricket
Sat Jan 2Hurricanes vs StarsBlundstone Arena5:05pmFox Cricket
Sat Jan 2Heat vs SixersThe Gabba8:15pmFox Cricket
Sun Jan 3Scorchers vs RenegadesOptus Stadium4:05pmFox Cricket
Sun Jan 3Strikers vs SixersMetricon Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Mon Jan 4Stars vs HurricanesBlundstone Arena4:05pmFox Cricket
Mon Jan 4Heat vs ThunderThe Gabba7:15pmSeven/Fox
Tue Jan 5Renegades vs StrikersAdelaide Oval7:15pmSeven/Fox
Wed Jan 6Scorchers vs SixersOptus Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Thu Jan 7Hurricanes vs ThunderOptus Stadium6:10pmSeven/Fox
Thu Jan 7Heat vs StarsMetricon Stadium9:20pmSeven/Fox
Fri Jan 8Strikers vs RenegadesAdelaide Oval6:10pmFox Cricket
Sat Jan 9Scorchers vs ThunderOptus Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Sun Jan 10Sixers vs HeatMetricon Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Mon Jan 11Strikers vs StarsAdelaide Oval7:15pmSeven/Fox
Tue Jan 12Scorchers vs HurricanesOptus Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Wed Jan 13Thunder vs SixersSydney Showgrounds Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Thu Jan 14Heat vs RenegadesMarvel Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Fri Jan 15Stars vs StrikersMCG7:15pmSeven/Fox
Sat Jan 16Sixers vs ScorchersSCG6:40pmFox Cricket
Sun Jan 17Stars vs RenegadesMCG7:15pmSeven/Fox
Mon Jan 18Thunder vs HurricanesSydney Showgrounds Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Tue Jan 19Scorchers vs HeatMarvel Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Wed Jan 20Renegades vs StarsMarvel Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Thu Jan 21Strikers vs HeatMCG7:15pmSeven/Fox
Fri Jan 22Hurricanes vs ScorchersMarvel Stadium4:05pmFox Cricket
Fri Jan 22Sixers vs ThunderSCG7:15pmFox Cricket
Sat Jan 23Renegades vs HeatMarvel Stadium4:05pmFox Cricket
Sat Jan 23Stars vs ScorchersMCG7:15pmSeven/Fox
Sun Jan 24Thunder vs StrikersSydney Showgrounds Stadium4:05pmFox Cricket
Sun Jan 24Sixers vs HurricanesSCG7:15pmSeven/Fox
Mon Jan 25Strikers vs ThunderSydney Showgrounds Stadium7:15pmSeven/Fox
Tue Jan 26Heat vs ScorchersSCG1:05pmFox Cricket
Tue Jan 26Renegades vs HurricanesMCG4:15pmSeven/Fox
Tue Jan 26Stars vs SixersMCG7:50pmSeven/Fox
Fri Jan 29Fourth vs FifthTBCTBCSeven/Fox
Sat Jan 30First vs SecondTBCTBCSeven/Fox
Sun Jan 31Third vs Eliminator winnerTBCTBCSeven/Fox
Thu Feb 4Qualifier loser vs Knockout winnerTBCTBCSeven/Fox
Sat Feb 6Qualifier winner vs Challenger winnerTBCTBCSeven/Fox

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Jul 12, 2004
Junktion Oval
AFL Club
Other Teams
Plenty of travel for the Stars despite bubbles

Play the Thunder twice at their home ground, play the Hurricanes twice at their home ground, no away games at the stars home ground

I’ll Assume they’ll play all the finals in Sydney to be fair to the Thunder who won’t know where the airport is.

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