BBL Match 46 Perth Scorchers v Hobart Hurricanes 1910hrs @ Perth Stadium

Who will win?

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Reid’s Like Copium
May 28, 2017
AFL Club
West Coast
The score on that wicket was more than competitive.

We'd just played 2 games on the road and it was our 3rd away game in 5 days against the 2nd side in the comp.

We didn't lose any friends.

I think the Scorchers are sometimes held to ridiculous standards.
A couple of tail enders have a swing tonight in the power surge and get away with it and some how we "dropped the ball".

If you asked before the toss would we be happy to keep that line up to 140 odd, we would've taken it in a heartbeat.

We lose a couple of wickets and we're choking.

Bottom line is, we lost all of our first pick internationals before a ball was bowled, have lost one of the most destructive bats in the comp in Marsh, the best fast bowler in the comp and an international all rounder and yet we're on top of the wazza.

A bit of perspective would be nice.

Rant over:)
Can’t deny it felt similar to the previous game against the Sixers.

Late flourish from a tail ender after being held to a modest score all innings, and then 2 cheap wickets in the power play.

Granted the Sixers were playing at home and have a better attack than Hobart.