BBL Match 57 The Eliminator Sydney Thunder v Brisbane Heat 1845hrs @ Spotless Stadium

Who will win?

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No. You have to wait till it stops raining, the covers come off and the umpires feel that play can resume. Then you can call lunch. May as well make it an hour as well, just to be sure ;)
Good point! Yes wait til play is possible then take it.

Always bemuses me in Test Matches - do they really need 40 mins when they have only played 30 mins of cricket - needs to change.

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Apparently there is a reserve day if the final is washed out: Reserve day an option for SCG BBL|10 decider

Only the grand final tho. You'd think this would come into play in future season too.
That's why the final is on a Saturday not a Sunday, apart from avoiding the Aus Open Men's final. The ratings would crater if they had to use the reserve day, unless they make it an afternoon game.