Beginner Training Advice

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Apr 11, 2021
AFL Club
Hey Guys,

I'm after some training advice or even programs to help me get ready play footy. I'm 27, big footy fan and recently had a itch to get out there and give it a crack. I've never had the ability to play club sports in my adult life due to working nights and weekends but that has since changed.

It's April/May now, it seems a bit late to join a club now so I'd like to get myself ready for the beginning of pre-season later in the year.

I'm 183cm and weigh 85kg, I'm naturally a skinny guy but carrying a bit of body fat at the moment, I would like to bring down my weight while improving my strength and my cardio conditioning both relating to football.

I know there is alot of information in these forums which I'll look through but anyone who has had experience in a similar situation or generally some advice specific to me getting my body ready that would be appreciated, cheers.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 13, 2014
AFL Club
St Kilda
Hey mate, current PT/Online Coach with a Bachelors in Exercise Science, happy to give you some advice.

What sort of history do you have with weight training? Pretty limited?

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