Belgium Court of Appeals Rules CAS ‘Illegal’

The Hopper

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Aug 30, 2014
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Sports guy Warwick Hadfield on Radio National this morning mentioned that in light of this CAS ruling that there's a push to have Jobe Watson's Brownlow restored.

Here we go again. Again.

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Howard Littlejohn

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May 30, 2006
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No lawyer here, or even the slightest of legal education. Barely educated.

The article seems to suggest the ruling is based on European human rights law, to which Australia is not a signatory.

The ASADA Act specifically gives jurisdiction to the CAS. For this legally ignorant person it is hard to see where this decision would have any impact on the legitimacy of the CAS under Australian law. There may be some UN provision we have signed to that could be in conflict, but a decision based on Belgian and EU law seems to lack relevance. (If it was UK Common Law, maybe.)

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