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Brownlow Medallist
Jul 12, 2016
AFL Club
St Kilda
Always a bit of a headache to follow bellator on fight nights, but looks a pretty strong card.

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Guy Threepwood

Premiership Player
Jul 24, 2009
AFL Club
Other Teams
Phoenix Suns, Sunderland
I don’t know many female bellator fighters. Anyone there who might be an interesting match up for her?
Bellator also don't have an active bantamweight division for women, so most of her usual sized opponents are out. Julia Budd is the obvious one as champion. She's been linked to a fight with Cyborg a heap of times over the years, but it's never happened. The only other fighters I recognised after looking at their female featherweights were Leslie Smith (who Cyborg already destroyed in the UFC) and Janay Harding who is an Aussie.


Well you know...
Mar 21, 2010
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Bali 6's, Dorothy Mantooth
Good usage of leg kicks and body shots to get the TKO.

Not sure what type of competition she'll have in front of her at Bellator but Cyborg did look like her old self again.

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