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Oct 3, 2005
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Fantastic to see Fedor win. The GOAT HW if not the GOAT outright. Obviously no where near his prime, but more that enough for Chael who is also equally past his prime... A great fight, Fedor still showing some great tricks, awesome power and that great sambo to keep Chael off balance and never really in it.

At this stage Bader should run through Fedor, but you never know in that first round...either way it was good to see. You really need to take in a legend like Fedor still fighting, its a rare thing with perhaps only a few fights left in a remarkable career.

MMAPride Scott

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May 9, 2013
Perth, Western Australia
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North Melbourne
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I do like that they are getting the biggest pay day of there careers, seeing chuck like that felt wrong they did so much for the sport back in the day just sad they have to fight at this stage. not a bad idea for some of the other legends out there that didnt get paid alot, just dont leave it too late

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