Toast Ben Griffiths Punting

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Feb 14, 2014
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Good on ya Ben.

He could do very well over there. Can kick the ball into the stratosphere. And unlikely that he'll get a head shot as a kicker. If he makes the NFL then he's got a great little earner.
If he didn't get a long with Dusty or Lids for example he would have a nice 1 up over them. His base yearly salary would around what Dusty would make over the life of his contract.

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Jun 3, 2009
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English please for the people who dont follow this stupid looking game
When they kick a field goal they throw the ball back and benny catches it and holds it on the ground for the kicker.

He's a semi finalist for best holder in college football so nothing to do with punting


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Dec 28, 2007
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Any news on that Lemon thats also trying to Punt in america ?
Anything vibrant there


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Nov 16, 2004
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Was going to stick this in the Ben Griffiths retired immediately thread, as I have contributed there, but saw this thread and saw it fits in here.

"He'll be the best punter in the country": Former Tiger Ben Griffiths is kicking goals

USC punt returner Tyler Vaughns stood ready to return a Ben Griffiths' bomb during Spring practice. The California native had grown up returning punts for as long as he could remember. He was ready for what was to come - or so he thought. As Griffiths booted a 70 yard (64m) punt, Vaughns stopped in his tracks and tilted his head toward the heavens as it sailed well over him. It couldn't happen again Vaughns told himself, and he was right. The next punt went even further, this time 75 yards (69m).

Onlookers were left stunned and for the first time they truly understood why USC had put its faith in a then-27-year-old retired AFL footballer. "I've never seen a punter kick that high or that far," Vaughns said. "I thought it was a fluke because I'd never seen no punter hit it 70 yards. The next one was like 75 and I said okay his leg is real strong."

There are few college students, let alone punters like Griffiths. The now-28-year old turned his back on a $400,000 one-year contract with Richmond to pursue his American dream. Despite what some think, Griffiths' main motive for choosing USC was to further his education. In order be eligible for a scholarship Griffiths had to complete a year of study in Melbourne whilst training with Nathan Chapman and John Smith at Prokick Australia. USC's special teams coach John Baxter undertook a 17-hour flight to visit Griffiths before he signed on with the Trojans."The one thing we knew going in was, [he] had to be serious about wanting to be a student," Baxter said."We didn't want some mercenary that was coming here and just going to punt. This is a top 10 institution in this country and he legitimately wants to be a student."

"Dad" -- as he's known to teammates -- didn't claim any awards in his first full season but he has exceeded expectations, despite USC's underwhelming 8-4 record.

Head Coach Clay Helton immediately lit up when asked about Griffiths, and without being prompted, added: "He will be the best punter in the country before it's all said and done."

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