Rumour Ben Roberts-Smith big role on Anzac Day game broadcast

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Protecting the Dropzone
May 16, 2012
AFL Club
Is it even a fake? Have not heard this anywhere apart from the the OP. If there was anything to it you'd think "those nasty leftie media types" would be all over it.
Well, that's what I was getting at by 'fake' - made up by OP.

If it is true, I would expect they'd just have their articles primed waiting for it to happen. Going beforehand might upset Gil :p

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Senior List
Feb 21, 2019
AFL Club
Hasnt stokes purchased 5 or 6 victoria crosses off the recipients and got them on display canberra museum ?
Not sure of the number but yes he apparently has an extraordinary military collection which includes VC’s. Clearly has a fascination with it, in this case the actual person. Suspect he might start to distance himself from BRS but he has all the money in the world to assist him if he felt like it.