Best 18 - One Player Per Club

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Jun 7, 2011
Mount Gambier
AFL Club
Hey Folks,

Just saw a post on Instagram selecting a starting line up using one player from each of the 18 clubs in the present. I created a similar thread in the past but that was for past and present players.

Interested to see others' teams posted on this thread. My team is as follows, assuming everyone is fit and available:

B: Ridley, May, Haynes
HB: Laird, Sicily, Saad
C: McCluggage, Fyfe, Gaff
HF: D Martin, J Cameron, De Goey
F: Butler, Dixon, Papley
R: Goldstein, Rowell, Bontempelli
Laird was on his way to the 2s at half back last year. Switching to middle revived his season. Might be better just playing with the 17.


Brownlow Medallist
Jul 13, 2015
AFL Club
I’ll follow the AA model and pick 18 mids and erroneously place them out of position:

B: Sloane, Cripps, Neale
HB; Merrett, Danger, Rowell
C: Gaff, Pendles, Boak
HF: Mitchell, Petracca, Greene
F: Parker, Martin, Cunnington
Foll: Bont, Fyfe, Steele
I dunno. It just feels like youre missing a couple of mids.

Shame we werent allowed a bench and emergencies.


Premium Platinum
Jan 11, 2007
AFL Club
Other Teams
Coburg Lions, All Boston sides
FB: Jordan Ridley (Ess) - Jacob Weitering (Car) - Dane Rampe (Syd)
HB: Darcy Byrne-Jones (PA) - Harris Andrews (Bri) - Caleb Daniel (WB)
MF: Jy Simpkin (NM) - Rory Sloane (Ade) - Matthew Rowell (GC)
HF: Toby Greene (GWS) - Jack Darling (WC) - Daniel Butler (StK)
FF: Jack Gunston (Haw) - Tom Hawkins (Gee) - Dustin Martin (Ric)
OB: Brodie Grundy (Col) - Nathan Fyfe (Fre) - Christian Petracca (Mel)

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Nov 14, 2012
The "Elephant" in the room.
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Retro "Back to the future" team:

B: Darryl White, Matthew Scarlett, Gavin Wanganeen.
HB: Andrew McLeod, Chris Grant, Nathan Buckley.
C: Peter Matera, Greg Williams, Keith Greig.
HF: Dustin Martin, Adam Goodes, Robbie Gray.
F: Jeremy Cameron, Jason Dunstall, Gary Ablett Jnr.

Foll: Max Gawn, Nat Fyfe, Robert Harvey.

Actually would not be too out of place in the modern game come to think of it.


Club Legend
Feb 17, 2010
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Adel - O’Brien
BL - C Cameron
Carl - J.Weitering
Coll - D Moore
Ess - Ridley
Frem - Fyfe
Geel - Hawkins
GC - Rankine
GWS - J Kelly
Haw - Mitchell
Melb - Petracca
NM - Tarrant
PA - Dixon
Rich - Martin
StK - Steele
Syd - Lloyd
WCE - Yeo
WB - Macrae

FB: Tarrant - Weitering - Ridley
HB: Yeo - Moore - Lloyd
C: Macrae - Fyfe - J Kelly
R: O’Brien - Mitchell - Steele
HF: Martin - Hawkins - Petracca
FF: Cameron - Dixon - Rankine

Jason mp

Premium Platinum
Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Valleys. Chelsea.
Tom Stewart, Daniel Talia, Andrew McGrath.
Nick Haynes, Robbie Tarrant, Luke Ryan.

Jarrod Witts, Patrick Cripps, Marcus Bontempelli.
Ollie Wines, Scott Pendlebury, Andrew Gaff.

Charlie Cameron, Lance Franklin, Dustin Martin.
Jack Gunston, Ben Brown, Jade Gresham.

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