Best 22 Round 1 2020

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Jun 29, 2013
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I think the same!
What’s your r1 team mate..?
hard to pick but you can bet that after recruiting Keath to help our backline bet higher we won’t be playing just him as the only KPB. Bevs history would tell us Cordy is a lock as well as Daniel(which makes me sick) and most likely Suckling if fit.

ao the team I think will be pick isn’t the team I would pick which would be something like this

Wood Cordy Duryea
Crozier Keath JJ
Richards Bont Hunter
Lloyd Naughton Smith
McLean Bruce Greene
English McRae Dunks

Vandemeer Scache Libba Suckling/Dickson


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Jan 18, 2011
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So many of the same questions: for all the issue is not talent but are they better than others or match up only.

1. Does JJ play wing or
HBF? Has been tried there but his strength is metres gained and burst speed - wouldn’t wing just slow him down? Normally best are the time trial winners. For us / who is this? Hunter always top group and takes one wing.

2. Does Suckling start? Polarising player - have to admit I was not a fan. Too many show pony kicks that opened us right up. But he has moved to become one of our most consistently good players and added clutch goals. I like him more as a forward but hard to keep off the bench. One of only 4 rated elite by champion data but not sure how well that takes into account errors - though much less now.

3. Does Daniel play? A bit like Libba and Wallis - we forget how good he is. Like Sam Mitchell- under rated as too small and too slow until realising he is just very good Was also rated elite by champion data. Until he was injured he was one of our best and would be again. He adds set up precision/quarterback capability no one else has. Must play.

4. Dickson? Issue is injury - if he is fit he is arguably our best forward. Who is last play to kick 50? But not getting picked in the last final is an indication that either time has caught up or that the risk won’t be taken. Am a huge fan but adding Lloyd and Bruce and emergence of Naughty and Dale means limited places. Weightman is a kid and doubt he will play straight away but will be past this year if not already. For me he plays if fit.

5. Cordy starting line up? Interesting to see the lack of love for Cordy. He is still very young but solid. Is he is the third tall like his idol (and mine) Morris he should thrive. Hit the gym if you what to replace the master. Of course he isn’t there yet but he is on a great trajectory blocked by having to play KPD.

6. McLean? Looked like he was really dropping off last year with Bailey Smith and probably Lippy passing him. And Richards and Hayes adding speed and endurance that he doesn’t seem to have. He played a couple towards the end of the year to show his talent is best 22. His flexibility means he is now fighting with Wallis for the forward/mid

7. Libba? This is really simple - is he physically and mentally fit. Not a great year last year but fit and firing he is a clear best 22 and need shown in the giants game of a hard mid.

8. Wally? I am a fan and statistically he is the best forward/mid - he has a great goals per game when playing forward and will get touches and is tough and hard. I want him in the team but is another hard to fit in.

9. Trengrove? pants Lynch and not sure Keath could do. LeYoung still has arms like my 9 year old daughter but is getting better fast. Has flexibility as an advantage but is hurt by improvement (very slow) of Schache in the ruck. Can see him fitting in but expect he will still play a large number of games.

10. Duryea - top 22 talent but who does he replace. Some of us having replacing Wood or Dickson. May be driven by Woods form?

11. Richards - is a star if the future like West. Just a matter of time before he is a regular as a wing/HBF alternating with JJ. But finished the year in bad form - second year blues. May not start especially given Lipinskis rise but they are very different players.

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