Votes Best and Fairest Player Award St Kilda v Melbourne Rd 2 2021

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Feb 6, 2003
Brisbane Qld
AFL Club
St Kilda
Tough match for the faithful to watch. Saints only looked to be in this for about one quarter of the match. Mistakes, bad decisions and quite frankly, outplayed for most of it.
We still had a few shining lights. Who were they?

15 pts to distribute as votes however you choose, just limit votes to a maximum of 5, minimum of 1

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Veer Right

Club Legend
May 11, 2019
AFL Club
St Kilda
5 Howard - valiantly holding back the avalanche
5 Steele - turned up from the first bounce and lifted us with much needed goals
1 Highmore - battled hard for a rookie with the ball coming in quickly
1 Ross - rounded game
1 Gresham - clearance machine
1 Hunter - for effort
1 Billings - very good early

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