Review Best games, by individual richmond players - modern era

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 16, 2009
AFL Club
Going a way back (sorry the OP said in the modern era but humour us old fella's). Out a Waverley Park against Essendon from memory, the set play until Essendon eventually wised up was to kick it to Bryan Wood who was red hot. Richmond players ran to one side and left Wood and his opponent one-out and they kicked it too him and he won every single contest. From memory he had about 13 possessions in the second quarter. Most dominant game I can remember from a midfielder, although I was a bit of a fan. Half time the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Always wished they had tried that with Deledio at times as he had similar attributes, marking and pace and very good one-on-one.

Wacky Tiger

Aug 26, 2004
Country SA
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Fighting Furies, Sturt, Rockets
Jack Graham 2017 GF. Like seriously in his 5th game of AFL footy


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Yellow & Black ???
Jan 31, 2013
AFL Club
If we're including Richo in the era, then R7 2004 v Sydney in Sydney. He kicks 7 out of the team total of 10 to get us over the line by 13 points on a very wet day. Pretty sure he had a hand in 2 of the 3 others as well
I think he kicked 10 goals in the week before (or after) against the Bulldogs.

RICHO FOR 10!!!!!!


All Australian
Oct 20, 2007
Cranbourne, Vic
AFL Club
Round 13, 2008 vs Port in Adelaide. Joel Bowden 32 kicks, 7 handballs & 23 marks playing in defence. By those stats he obviously didn't pick anyone up for the whole game, but he was the difference in the end. This is the game that Cleve Hughes kicked 6 goals and we thought we had a star. We led by 28 points at 3/4 time and fell in by 4.


Nov 22, 2012
AFL Club
Dustin Martin - 2020 GF v Geelong
Tom Lynch - 2019 PF v Geelong
Jack Riewoldt 2014 R10 v GWS (11 goal haul)
Matthew Richardson - 2004 R8 v Bulldogs (10 goal haul)
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Club Legend
Oct 3, 2017
AFL Club
Nank - 2019 VFL final Punt Rd V Bombers

The Bombers had a match winning lead at 3/4 time , 40 pts up during the last qtr

Nank, returning from injury , went into BEAST mode in the last qtr , as only Nank can do and got us over the line
with the amount of match time he had leading into that game he should have been putting in the short ones

only VFL you say , our VFL side set a very high standard that year with a team loaded with AFL ready or proven talent that couldn't break into the top side
a fortnight before we played that side at Windy Hill , the game was a seriously good standard and went right down to the wire
A yet to debut Irving Mosquito was putting on a clinic for them that day

Nank has a habit of finding an extra gear in last qtrs and I believe it was as good as any of his AFL performances

and in the VFL GF V Willy
the much touted Marlion Pickett gets BOG and wins himself a AFL GF berth
again this was a come from behind win by us,
Pickett didn't win this single handed , Egg was super composed down back , CCJ really imposed himself
and RCD gave us a glimpse of the future , but Pickett worked hard all game along and added little bits of class for a very complete performance

both games deserve mentions

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